Brush Sanding Machine


Our company, which is basically a machine design and engineering company, started its adventure in the production of woodworking machinery in 2005 and entered the sector with a brush sanding machine in line with the demands of our customers. It has become one of the leading companies in woodworking machinery sector with its experience, technology and quality in wood surface finishing machines in a short time. Misirli Group in its factory in Bursa / Turkey; With the breakthroughs and investments it has made in the woodworking machinery sector for years, it continues to provide engineering services to its customers with sanding machines and wood surface technologies in the sense of Design, R&D and Solution center.

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Brush sanding machines designed and developed for most difficult raw and primer surfaces.

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cabinet sanding machine

About Wood Finishing Machines

In the woodworking machinery sector, two of the most important machines of wood finishing machines; sanding machines and painting machines. So we are to find optimum finishing system solution for all customers finishing problems. While solving these problems, it is to act together in choosing the appropriate automatic brush sanding machine, wide belt sanding machine and spray painting machine for our customers.

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